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Lyrics4sale ( is an online service for lyricist songwriters who wish to sell or licence their original lyrics which have not been previously exploited or used.

Sell your lyrics on which is an ideal place to list your song lyrics for sale or for licensing at a price you  choose. Whatever genre you write in you can list your lyrics for sale. You name the price you want for your lyrics and keep 100% of the takings.

For a low 'one-off' annual registration fee for the initial set up, you can access the site to upload your lyrics for sale or for licensing.

If you're looking to sell or licence your song lyrics, you picked a great time to do it.  Today's music industry needs songwriters & lyricists more than ever, as pop music continues its digital revolution into the online world.   In fact,  many top artists, producers, and record companies depend on song & lyric writers to provide them with a constant flow of original song material, and online connections, sales and auditions are rapidly becoming the song markets of choice.



Please enrol me as a Lyricist so I can start to sell and/or licence my lyrics on

Once the payment transaction has been completed, you will be directed to our online registration form to fill in your contact information after completiton you will be able to email up to a maximum of 5 sets of lyrics for sale or for licensing.
Please note: Your receipt will advise that you will be making a payment to SongandMedia.





You must SUBSCRIBE first and this will allow you to sell 5 sets of Lyrics - should you want to sell more of your Lyrics, you can then pay to sell another 3 sets of Lyrics by taking advantage of this special offer.  


Sell OR licence 3 sets of lyrics in any music genre for £10.00
Please note: Your receipt will advise that you will be making a payment to SongandMedia.

Lyrics £10

Should you have a songwriters / lyricist profile of yourself which can if you wish be accompanied by a photograph then you can post the profile information and photograph at any time within your twelve month subscription period free of charge.